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Seven simple yet functional DIY tablet stands

Seven simple yet functional DIY tablet stands
Jancy James:
Functional DIY tablet stands
Functional DIY tablet standssimple yet functional DIY tablet stands
Electronic gadgets are changing the face of the world like never before. Every other day we have something new to look forward to and replace. Tablets have hit the market in a huge way and going by its popularity, it seems that they will rule the market for many years to come. For all of you who have tablets, you would surely agree that at times it can be a real pain to hold it and get your work done. You need a comfortable stand on which you can place the tablet while you work. This is why many DIY stands have popped up in the market as well. Are you a DIY expert? Here are some DIY stands that you can try making at home. They are simple, elegant and very functional.
1. A lap stand for your iPad
A lap stand for your iPad
A lap stand for your iPadmade out of flannel and velcro
iPad is definitely a gadget that we cannot live without. But doesn't it sometimes become painful to hold the iPad at the right angle. You have to angle your body in all sorts of awkward poses to let your iPad sit comfortably. Isn't there a simple solution for this discomfort? Of course there is! Take a look at this simple iPad stand that can come to your rescue even while you travel. This flannel stand is adjustable and foldable and can be packed as a flat piece while you travel. The elastic strips at the four corners hold the tablet in place while you work. You can place them anywhere or in any angle you prefer while you work.
2. iPad Stand MkII
iPad Stand MkII
iPad Stand MkIIiPad Stand MkII the Lego Stand
iPad stand Mkll will appeal to all of us for the sheer reason that it is easy to build and also because LEGO bricks are part and parcel of our childhood memories. Building the LEGO bricks to form a stand that we would be using on a daily basis is a beautiful way to relive our nostalgic childhood memories. Created from black and Lego bricks and a pair of wheels and a LEGO man who operates the entire stand from the back, the stand look every bit professional and the entire stand is put together in such a way that the angle of the stand is adjustable from the back.
3. Ikea Brada iPad stand
Ikea Brada iPad stand
Ikea Brada iPad standiPhone stand that is very firmly on the table and the iPad is firmly in
This iPad stand hacked from Brada is a simple 'S' shaped stand for holding the iPad in place. One side is elevated and the other side comes with a cut out notch where the charging dock can be connected for charging as well. The stand does not offer an adjustable surface, but is very elegant with its black surface and sleek lines. Suits all work stations.
4. Kid-made iPad Stand
Kid-made iPad Stand
Kid-made iPad StandA decidedly low-tech design for a high-tech product.
Many of us might have spent some extra dollars on iPad stands and accessories to ease our stress while working on an iPad. But kids these days are smarter and can give us an embarrassment with their creativity and deftness of hands. Here's a simple but very functional iPad stand created by a kid. Created from two pieces of wood, a strong hinge and two door knobs, this stand can be easily made by anyone in no time. The supplies for the stand can be purchased from Home Depot for $13 dollars. You can also make it for free if you have these things at home.
5. Wooden Stand
Wooden Stand
Wooden StandWooden Stand by Simon Blazer
This simple wooden stand is designed by a Dutch woodworker, Simon Blazer. It is a simple rectangular piece of wood with a horizontal notch at the front for fitting the iPad. Very sturdy, light weight and absolutely portable, it blends perfectly with all interiors and hence an absolute necessity. All yours just for $ 5!
6. IKEA Pad stand
IkeaPad stand
IkeaPad standIkeaPad stand the DIY stand
Here's yet another simple iPad stand that can be easily shaped into an iPad stand. All you need here is an EKBY VALTER bracket which comes for $ 3, 2 screws and one dowel. Take the bracket and place it upside down. Replace the screw from the bottom and use a screw that is longer is length. The dowel has to be screwed into the hole for making the iPad rest. A horizontal dowel has to be screwed into the hole below as well. This will have to be close to the table surface so that it can act as a stabiliser. Use a rubber cushion for traction.
7. iPad Stand by Andrew Devigal
iPad Stand  by  Andrew Devigal
iPad Stand by Andrew DevigalThe $0.69 iPad Stand
An attractive stand by Andrew Devigal is a simple plastic piece, shaped like a 'W' which is actually a business card holder. iPads can be placed vertically as well as horizontally and hence it is very convenient.

FoldnFix and Quickfix foldable mudguards from Full Windsor
Asmita Prasad:
Folding Mudguards
Folding MudguardsFlagship FoldnFix and Quickfix mudguards
Full Windsor is a new London-based bicycle accessory design startup that has come up with a grand new way to fix any bike with standard twin seat stays with two types of easy-to-install and simple mudguards. Designed to fix easily and quickly, the Full Windsor mudguards are crafted to give bikes a distinct structural rigidity via a unique origami design that use the bicycle’s frame and require no nuts and bolts or tools to be fitted to the bike. The creative and functional product was tested around the streets of London by average Joe bikers who rigorously tried them out through routine biking while dodging double deckers, cars and other street traffic alike. Though most bikes that are retailed without mudguards are often not meant to have these accessories, but if you want to convert your bike into something more suitable to daily commute come hail or snow, the Full Windsor Mudguards are the perfect add on accessories that can easily be snapped on and off as per the demands of the situation.
Picture Gallery
Folding Mudguards
Flagship FoldnFix and Quickfix mudguards
The founder of Full Windsor, product designer Mark Windsor explains that the basic aim behind the design language and construction of these mudguards was the urge to make a practical and easy to use product that can functionally be used in the course of the average urban biker's day.
Offered in FoldnFix and Quickfix models, the flagship mudguards are created to resemble intricate origami and use the fold-up form of the art to allow bikers to easily fit the mudguards to their bikes. easily foldable and easier to store, the FoldnFix is the more permanent of the two solutions and comes with a more rigid construction and snap on clips and ties that take just a few moments to attach themselves to the bike's frame. The Quickfix is the slightly temporary mudguard from the range and takes a while longer to attach to the bike since it needs to be first folded and them fitted into place and held on through easily clickable snaps.
Perfect for bikers who need a quick-fix solution to transform their off-road bikes into more city-friendly ones, the Full Windsor mudguards are also super economical with the Full Windsor FoldnFix retailing for £13.99 and the Full Windsor Quickfix mudguard going for £14.99. Both the mudguards can be ordered from online bicycle accessory retailers Look Mum No Hands, London Condor Cycles, Wiggle and Cycle Surgery.
Source: Full Windsor

Passenger-friendly modular baseball furniture for airports
Asmita Prasad:
Baseball Furniture for Airport
Baseball Furniture for AirportBaseball by YoonJung Heo
Airport furniture has never been known to be the warmest and inviting kinds in its genre and more often than not the seating found in airport lounges and waiting areas is drab, cold, and industrial-looking. Given the sheer number of people traffic that these areas encounter, it is also mot feasible to fashion seating solutions for airports out of softer and more inviting materials. However, designer YoonJung Heo has come up with a concept that washes some of the industrial-ness off airport seating and gives it a more people-friendly appearance. Her Baseball Furniture Set is targeted especially at airport crowds who need a functional yet cozy space while waiting to board their flights or go through airport security, immigration, etc.
Picture Gallery
Baseball Furniture for Airport
Baseball by YoonJung Heo
Drawing on the pattern of stitches on a baseball, the personal lounge furniture is a unique modular bit of furniture for public use that features a table and a seat in a unique slide out configuration. When not in use, the seat can be fitted inside the table to save space around the seat allowing people to pass through easily and when a passenger needs a seat, they can simply slide the ottoman-shaped stool out to seat themselves and use the tabletop to place their belongings on.
The magnetic locking system on the seat comes with a rotational hinge that allows the chair and table to "snap" together when closed and also "snap out" when it needs to be used.
Via: Coroflot

Roll-a-call foldable cellphone concept would be fashioned out of fabric
Asmita Prasad:
Roll a Call
Roll a CallConcept Mobiles by Sudhanwa Chavan
Remember the innovative iRoll cellphone concept that we told you about a few days ago? Well, the Roll-a-Call is something of a younger sibling to it, and yes, this new concept too comes to us courtesy of the ever so talented industrial designer Sudhanwa Chavan. Like the iRoll, the Roll-a-Call too is an OLED based phone though the communicating device concept takes the functionality of the previous phone to a whole new level with as many as three dedicated areas that the touchscreen display is divided into which can be used exclusively by the three main functions categorized by user needs. With separate parts of the touchscreen being used for the phone's keypad, browsing unit and main phone menu, the Roll-a-Call allows greater user-need-integration into the phone's interface and avoids cluttering by grouping main functions in separate areas.
Picture Gallery
Roll a Call
Concept Mobiles by Sudhanwa Chavan
Since all the functions are independent of each other, there is no interference and the user does not need to discontinue the use of one function of the phone when the other is in use. For example, the user doesn't need to close the browser to access the keypad, the main phone menu doesn't need to be inaccessible when there is an incoming call, and the touch-access keypad is always at hand.
However, what makes the Roll-a-call truly stunning is the fact that, just like the iRoll, this concept too comes to us in a foldable avatar. While the iRoll's form was predominantly inspired by the shape of a scroll, the Roll-a-Call is inspired by the shape of a rolled news paper and a handkerchief. The use of OLED technology allows the phone to be fully functional as well as thin enough to be easily folded. What makes this foldable handkerchief-like phone even more stunning as a concept is the fact that the designer intends for its outer shell to be made out of fabric which, if materialized, would make it the first ever piece of electronic equipment to be fashioned out of fabric.
The fabric used to craft the phone; shell would not only be waterproof but also coated with PU or PVC to make it a bad conductor of electricity. Being crafted out of textile, the phone would feel like a folded handkerchief in the users' pockets. Two USB ports would allow users to charge their phones using a laptop while using the other port to share data, videos and images, etc. while twin earphone jacks would also allow users to share the use of their phone's audio system with their friends.

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