Top10 Most Spectacular Sequence Photography – Experience the Thrill!

A few days back, I was surfing for sequential logos when I stumbled upon some of the greatest photographs I’ve ever seen. The technique used in this type of photography is known as sequence photography. I was so dazzled with the effect that I simply had to share these wonderful photographs here. No wonder they say that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. In the case of sequence photography, the picture “has” a thousand words. Each sequence photograph entails a whole story within it. Every movement is captured in a different frame and is arranged together to form the effect of sequential action.
Have a look at 10 of the most stunning examples of sequence photography ever.

1) Proboarder Sequence (via Deathhucker)

action  photography porboarder

2) Ice Skating (via Koskela)

3) Lancelin Dunes Whip sequence (via Photocaro)

desert  motocross sequence photography

4) Tail Whip (via Enrico)

motocross tail whip sequence photography

5) Going the distance (via Photocaro)

ice  motocross photography

6) Experiment (via k4rp)

skate  board sequence photography

7) Suspended Chair (via Mason Smith)

beach  sequence photography

8 ) Alicia (via Schnorschel)

swimming sequence photography

9) Jake Steezy (via Nespo)

winter  sports sequence photography

10) Pitch (via Tatersmasher)

baseball sports sequence photography

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