Amazing Worldwide Modern Beds

Housefish Suspended Bed
Creative suspended bed held by machined aluminum, stainless steel tension cables. The mattress platform is held completely rigid - it does not swing or sway.
Float Bed
$25,000 Float Bed by David Trubridge, a New Zealand designer.
Sampon Daybed Outdoor Bed
Amazing outdoor bed design from Lifeshop Collection.
Floating Bed Chicago
Floating Bed Chicago by Robert Bernstein - the four supporting cables at the corners of the bed go straight up vertically to the ceiling.
Geometric Bed
Ness faceted geometric Ed by Jakob MacFarlane
The Embrace Lounge
Creative lounge by Lost Angeles based designer Tanya Agui
Tree Bed
Creative $15,000 Tree bed by Shawn Lovell
Private Cloud Rocking Bed
The Private Cloud is a patented rocking bed by German designer Manuel Kloker.
Flotiform Bed
Creative bed design. Pull out side tables with cup holders can be ordered for one or both sides of the bed.
Sunset Chaise Lounge
This elegant piece by Rausch, designed for luxurious poolside lounging, could easily be mistaken for a dramatic outdoor sculpture.
Magnetic Floating Bed
Conventional furniture is in contact with the earth through gravity. Floating Bed overcomes this fundamental power and falls towards the sky. Four thin cables assure its motionless position and form the only contact with the ground.
The Scoop Bed
Scoop! Is a sophisticated and innovative answer to the demand for combinig the sofa function with the bed function. The two semi-circular sides of the bed can be separated resulting in two new pieces of furniture.
Ohm Transformable Bed
Ohm is a bed that can be transformed into two individual beds or used as a bench.

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