Costa Rican Airplane Hotel

You must have seen planes flying in the air or might be standing at the airports, but in this article I will reveal something extra ordinary and creative. In this article I will tell you about one of the most beautiful hotel which is the outcome of some creativity of mankind “Costa Rican Airplane Hotel”. The name says everything, a beautiful hotel located inside an airplane.
This hotel is located in Costa Rica, situated right around the corner of Manuel Antonio National Park. It’s no ordinary hotel because it is built inside an airplane (1965 Boeing 727). Formerly this plane was used for transporting globetrotters on South Africa Air and Avianca Airlines. Today, this airplane serves as a hotel with two bedrooms.
It wasn’t an easy task to setup a plane 50 feet above the beach. So for doing it safely, the airplane was transported in to pieces from the San Jose airport to its final destination which is known as Costa Rican Airplane Hotel. At first sight you might find this hotel just like a model plane but in fact it is something extra ordinary. You can only imagine the outstanding views from the windows and balcony of the airplane.
Apart from its beautiful outlook, the hotel provides some features which you cannot ignore. The hotel has 2 fully furnished and air conditioned bedrooms with master bath. The hotel has a separate TV area and a dinning room. This is not over right here, the wings of the airplane has also been utilized to perfection. You will find a wing balcony, where you can relax and observe some beauty of the nature while having a cup of coffee or tea in you hand. Lastly, the balcony of 727 provides an unbelievable and beautiful ocean view.
Costa Rican Airplane Hotel is a wonderful destination for vacations. Although this is not an ordinary vacation hotel but spending $300-$350 per night is worth it. You must have traveled to several places by airplane but now your final destination will be an airplane. Enjoy your vacations in this beautiful hotel while observing some natural beauty.

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