New iMac and Magic Track Pad from Apple

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Company Apple finally submitted a gadget, which is probably many have been waiting for. This new product called Magic TrackPad, which is designed for use with desktops iMac. Devays is a small square area with the touch surface, located at a slight angle to the horizontal surface due to the base, inside which is a niche for two AA batteries.
Apple Magic TrackPad – a wireless accessory, he will need a stand-alone food. Touch the surface of the desktop touchpad Apple Magic TrackPad perfectly able to recognize up to four simultaneous touch with the support of Multi-touch technology.
Another new model iMac also features a 21.5 -inch display, but the video card it has ATI Radeon HD 5670 , in addition, the processor Intel Core i3, which is equipped with this innovation , clocked at 3.2 GHz. It is such a computer is more expensive – $ 1499.

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