2010 NYIGF Faves: Brinca Dada's Emerson House teaches kids early design appreciation

Barbie's Dream House is freakin' hideous. You know it and I know it--that woman has terrible taste in both architecture and interior design.
When little boys play with toy cars, they're almost always aspirational--Corvettes and Ferraris rather than AMC Pacers and Ford Foci. But the same has not been true of girls playing with architecture, as can be evidenced by glancing at this roundup of Top Ten Dollhouses.
New toy company Brinca Dada is trying to change that with their Emerson House, a snazzy Modernist job featuring "many distinguishing architectural features like glass corners, minimalist cut stone, scored hardwood floors and recessed lights (LED, powered by real solar panels)."

The place is begging to be tricked out with Vitra's Miniature Classics, but even dead empty, the Emerson House makes Barbie's joint look like a Victorian slum.

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