All-In-One Kitchen Shelving Concept by Mathew Gilbride for Electrolux

Straight out of a Jetson’s episode is this modern design, and has me thinking I should be ducking my head in case George flies by in his saucer!  Mathew Gilbride’s Elements Modular Kitchen has incorporated appliances that range from refrigeration, air-conditioner, lighting, and cooking modules – all into one all-inclusive kitchen shelving concept.

These building blocks for adults allow for development of the system over time as social, economic, and living conditions change.  Users can choose the appliances that are best suited for their home, and multiple units and surfaces automatically work together through wireless smart networking.  Gecko foot pads grip a vertical surface, meaning you can literally boil a pasta dinner on the wall, and chill the milk next door.  That’s crazy but so exciting at the same time!  Who ever decided that appliances have to take up all of that wonderful floor space anyways?

The appliance draws power wirelessly through ‘powermat’ technology applied to the wall, which is supplemented through solar energy as required.  The ventilation functionality allows for development of flexible air filtration, air conditioning, and convection cooling and heating systems.  In addition, each appliance is covered with nano fabricated hybrid surface, and can be illuminated with any color.

Not really one of those “oh, I could have thought of that moments”, but aren’t we glad someone else was smart enough to for us!
[Via Yanko Design]

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