Amazing animal-Fat squirrel

While the rest of the squirrels in the garden tend to put a few nuts aside for the winter, this tubby customer clearly believes in eating them all at once. He is a regular visitor to the feeding stations kept well stocked by animal lover James Phelps. Too regular, in fact. Mr Phelps, 51, has seen the fox squirrel, a native of North America, become so overweight that a low-calorie diet would seem to be required.

amazing-animal"He became used to me being around and probably associated me with food,’ he said at his home in Michigan. I would usually feed him myself, but sometimes my wife would help out. She also became fond of him because he’s so cute.'Many mornings he would be waiting for me to bring out the food, lounging on the deck looking into the house. Often he would stand and beg for more."

‘He makes a great subject for photography. He has great expressions, is curious and very smart. He’s the best-fed squirrel in Michigan and I guess that’s the reason he got so big.’

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