Bulthaup's painfully beautiful "tool cabinet" for kitchens

I live in a converted sweatshop with two dogs, and it is a lot less cool and lot more rough than you think. One particular sore spot is my "kitchen," a pathetic and cobbled-together assortment of cast-off drawers, cabinets and surfaces mostly made out of other people's garbage. So it's pure torture that my dogwalking route takes me past the Bulthaup showroom two or three times a day.
The German high-end kitchen manufacturer produces the stunning B2 kitchen workshop, which I drool over daily. Not so much the ostentatious B2 workbench, but definitely the dual "tool cabinets," which are designed to hold an array of "appliances, crockery, tools and ingredients....[this is a] kitchen for pioneers in the art of thinking and living."
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The essence of that which makes and signifies a kitchen is incorporated in bulthaup b2. In developing this system, therefore, the emphasis was on identifying the amount of storage space actually required in kitchen cabinets and the quantity of cooking implements, crockery and household appliances really needed. The important was separated from the unimportant to allow the greatest possible concentration on the essentials, create perfect order, afford clarity and maintain everything in reach. This amounts to no less than being free to choose the best day after day.
Share my pain and learn more about the B2--including the rather bizarre-sounding, artsy "poetical analysis" design methodology behind it--here.

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