California Beach Transit By Matthew Giammarino

California Beach Transit, Matthew Giammarino
Designed by Matthew Giammarino, the California Beach Transit is a solar-powered vehicle for those who find it difficult to cover the whole length of a beach on foot alone. The vehicle will make trips at a beach more fun and less tiresome; and that too in an eco-friendly way.

The vehicle comes wedged with wireless signals and sensors that help it to move on a pre-determined, digital path. The sensors on either side have full control over the vehicle. If anything pops up in front of the Beach Transit, it will instantly come to a haul and only move ahead after scrutinizing its path. It moves on 12 wheels and is an all electric vehicle powered by the energy of sun. A solar panel crafted in the form of glass roof serves two purposes: first, it lends necessary power and secondly, it protects the passenger from harsh sunrays on the beach.
California Beach Transit, Matthew Giammarino
The vehicle with minimalistic looks is high on functionality. People can climb up the vehicle from either sides and hold on the bars that provide support, and jump off when they reach the desired spot at the beach. Ample luggage space is available in the form of a central strip.
Four embedded speakers make sure that its passengers don’t get bored and remain high on the entertainment quotient. The vehicle will also allow you with an option to advertise on its back panel. California Beach Transit can generate money by displaying company advertisements, which can be later used on its maintenance.
California Beach Transit, Matthew Giammarino
So, if next time you want to explore the white sands on the Venice Beach, then get going with the California Beach Transit.
Designer: Matthew Giammarino

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