CAS Cobra Futuristic Weighing Machine By Younghyuk Choi

Future Kitchen, CAS Cobra, Futuristic Weighing Machine
Aah! So you’ve put on those extra kilos and everyone’s been pointing at that gigantic belly you’ve got. Well, hit the gym soon and work out. And then when its time to weigh, do it in style with some of these weighing machines. Designed and developed by CAS, the Cobra weighing scale is one of those work-of-art turned gym-apparatus that you’d love to step on. It’d work well in a modular minimalistic home or a futuristic spaceship. ET would look just right weigh himself on this one. The CAS Cobra has more curves than a Hollywood actor, and is probably stronger too, taken that it can let you step on it, without crumbling. And if you haven’t noticed yet, its sculpted like a cobra ready to strike.

Oh, and yes, unlike those old weighing machines we usually see at our friendly neighborhood doctors office, this one keeps away the trouble of you bending down or looking down to check your weight. It uses a digital display, placed higher, so that you can check your weight without having to look far down or strain your eyes either. This one sure works great for people who can’t see their toes.

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