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Chevrolet Mi-Ray, Future Car, 2011 Seoul Auto Show
Seoul seems to be the hot-spot for the recent revelations of innovative car concepts, especially with the grand stage of 2011 Seoul Auto Show. This time, it is the exalted Chevrolet that has unveiled their all new plug-in hybrid. Aptly named as the Mi-Ray (Korean word for future), this certainly advanced car concept is latest in design lineup of General Motors.

Chevrolet Mi-Ray, Hybrid Car
The sleek styling of the car is supposedly inspired by Chevrolets’s racing pedigree with examples of cars like 1963 Monza SS. But styling aside, the avant-garde aerodynamic form and the detailed bodywork will be composed of light carbon fiber and carbon reinforced plastic, while the framework will be made of sturdy aluminum.
Chevrolet Mi-Ray, Futuristic vehicle
The interior will exhibit that ostentatious bearing in the form of aluminum, leather and liquid metal surfaces integrated astutely with carbon fiber. And just like in a sci-fi movie, once we press the start button, the instrument section with all its paraphernalia will rise from the steering column.
Chevrolet Mi-Ray, Futuristic interior
The classy wheels will be imbued with an amalgamation of aluminum and carbon. They will be propelled by a dual motor of 15-kilowatt (20-horsepower), juiced up by a bantam 1.6-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery. The eco-friendly car is touted to give around 60 mpg of fuel efficiency, though no word has been released on its overall range and charging time. But as General Motors puts it:
“…Mi-ray points to the future of Chevrolets around the globe.”

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