Concept Tablet Computer By Yigit Cinar

Future Tablet Computer, Yigit Cinar
Often it happens when we use a gadget regularly; we fall in love with it. But are frustrated with its shortcomings and fantasize about changing it. Here Yigit Cinar was frustrated with the limitations of Apple’s iPad and other tablets and visualized an ideal tablet computer that he would love the giants of the market to create. He would like a tablet with multiple USB ports, removable batteries and a satellite module that we can clip on to our belt or wear as an armband. This satellite module would be with a 2.3 inch color screen which would also serve as an MP3 player and remote control for the tablet. He would love the giants of the market to team up to create this all inclusive product. Cinar would like HP to build this device, with a digitizer screen (not a touchpad) by Wacom, and Google’s Chrome OS to run the show. This concept tablet computer by Cinar would surpass many other tablets in the market in features if not in style.

Designer: Yigit Cinar

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