Futuristic Wearable Mobile Device With 3D Hologram Display

Futuristic Mobile Phone, 3D Hologram Display
You’ll probably spot someone in Star Trek sporting this, or maybe E.T. himself. This futuristic extra-terrestrial gadget sure looks like a watch, but is actually a mobile phone. Now like every other phone, you can check the time on this one, and you can make calls too. We’ve seen quite a few wearable mobile phones before, that you can strap on to your wrist to communicate. Most of them ended up being large oversized watches that looked like time machines though.

Futuristic Wearable Mobile Phone, 3D Technology
Well, the Dew is different. It’s sleek, practical, and stylish and will fit right into your casual outfit, without making your wrist look weighed down by it. It uses a ball as a controller and an indicator that changes colors, which can slide on its surface. Well, that’s not all. If you’re looking out for a display, get a hold of this. This phone has a 3D hologram, which pops right out of it. The Dew sure is futuristic enough to make the geekiest technology geek drool.
Future Wearable Phone, 3D Phone
Fantastic watch, 3D Hologram
Future mobile phone, 3D Hologram Display
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