Interesting facts-Nepal’s shortest man

Nepal’s shortest man seeks world record

A Nepalese man who is only 56cm (22in) tall is travelling to Europe in a bid to be recognised officially as the world's shortest living person.

Khagendra Thapa Magar is flying with his father and a supporter to Italy, where they plan to file a claim with London-based Guinness World Records.

His family initially applied when he was 14, but it was rejected as there was a chance that he might grow more.

The current record is held by China's He Pingping, who is 73cm (29in) tall.

The shortest man on record was Gul Mohammed of India, who measured just 57cm - 1cm taller than Mr Magar.

Mr Magar, who is now 18, and his father told reporters in Kathmandu that they planned to appear on an Italian television show this week to talk about his bid for the title.

Afterwards, they will decide on their next destination.

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