Jack Zylkin throws his hat into the retro-tech ring with a typewriter-keyboard

On physical objects becoming less and less physically weighty: Nowadays if you drop your phone, it may not survive. The other day I caught a snippet of GoodFellas, the part where Robert Deniro uses a 1970s-era telephone receiver to bludgeon a crony. Try to do that with your iPhone or Droid X and you'd have a confused, unbloodied crony and a cracked touchscreen.
Keyboards are less substantial now too, and typing on my laptop doesn't make the racket an old metal-on-metal typewriter did. But just as we've seen old phone receivers nostalgically connected to cell phones, David Schultze's Philco PC, Mac Classic iPad holders, and J. Stephenson's wonderful retro computers, here comes Jack Zylkin's Instructable for a typewriter USB keyboard.
Zylkin's motivation is poetic:
Why make a USB Typewriter? There is something very magical about typing on those old-school manual typewriters. The weighty feel of the springloaded keys, the motor-car styling, and the beautiful marks they print on the page all make for a rich writing experience that can make writer's block melt away. However, the mighty hammering of typewriter keys has long since faded away, replaced by the dull click of the computer keyboard.
For those not inclined to build your own, Zylkin also sells them on Etsy.

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