Largest pedalboard-Amazing World Record Amazing World Record set by Jaux King for Largest pedalboard

Amazing World Record set by Jaux King for Largest pedalboard

NASHVILLE, TN, USA -- With 142 different pedals, 13 loaded pedal boards and truckload of guitar cable, Jaux King's pedalboard sets the world record for the Largest pedalboard.

The device performed as expected, without any glitches or noise problems, before a crowd of approximately 300 invited industry professionals.

"The night was a smashing success," says Jaux King, one of the founders of

"We had a little bit of noise when we first fired it up last night, and it was a little worrisome. But we were able to reconfigure a few things and it all worked great.

It actually sounded as good as my little setup at home. We had two noise suppressors in the chain and they made all the difference.

King and GearTrap managed to secure several prominent sponsors to help make the pedalboard a reality, including Seymour Duncan, George L's cables, Creation Audio Labs, Visual Sound, and Pedaltrain.

Now that he's achieved one goal, King says he's already thinking big about next year. "We're already working on breaking our own record," he says. "We have an undisclosed goal in mind. Suffice to say, it's going to be ridiculously bigger than this year's board."

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