Luxgen Neora (video)

Luxgen Neora, Future Electric Vehicle
At the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show Taiwan-based Luxgen will reveal the Neora Concept, a sedan with an all-electric powertrain, a sculpted exterior and a high-tech interior.

Luxgen Neora, Future Electric Vehicle
The Neora (from Neo and Era) is a concept car fully designed and developed by Luxgen, an independent Taiwanese brand devoted to the development of next-generation electric vehicles.
Luxgen Neora, Future China Car
The exterior design previewed in the official sketches features a sculpted body and an extensive use of LED technology, with the tail-lights using a high-tech blue light.
Luxgen Neora, Future Electric Car
The cabin features modern lines inspired by consumer electronics, with large interactive displays and an infotainment system developed in partnership with HTC.
Luxgen Neora, 2011 Shanghai Auto Show
The electric powertrain could adopt the same 150 kW unit already used on the Luxgen 7 MPV EV+. The Luxgen brand could make its debut in the European market at the end of 2011 with the 7 SUV model.
Luxgen Neora, Futuristic Car
Luxgen Neora, Futuristic Interior

Source:  Car Body Design

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