Meerkat By Simon Enever

Meerkat, Simon Enever, future bicycle
You spend those hard earned bucks on a high tech bicycle, ride it to the park one day, park it while you grab an ice-cream, look around once you’re done, and “Poof!”, its gone. Yeah, you’re bound to be upset and mourn the loss of your shiny new set of wheels. Well, bicycle stealers would probably run out of business and work if people begin using locks like the Meerkat, a bike lock mud guard. So, it keeps away the thieves and the mud too. Designed by Simon Enever, the Meerkat basically immobilizes the rear wheel of your bicycle. It also combines a front wheel/frame wire lock and seat lock/beacon all packed into one.

Meerkat, Simon Enever, future bike
Designer: Simon Enever

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