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Nomad RV By Mario Pitsch

Nomad RV, post apocalyptic vehicle, Mario Pitsch
With global temperatures on a steep rise researchers are anticipating times when natural disasters will make humans live like nomads again. However, there are several eco-conscious souls who are planning out systems that might prevent us from going back to the Stone Age, using present technology. The Nomad is one such proposal for post-apocalyptic times that is designed to keep you safe and healthy.

Nomad RV, Green vehicle, Mario Pitsch
Designed by Mario Pitsch, the Nomad is a proposal for a cross-country RV that includes systems to grow food, produce water and energy. The RV features solar panels to generate electricity, fog traps to produce water from thin air, a greenhouse with algae reactor and an easy to maintain foil-shell.
Nomad RV, Future vehicle, Mario Pitsch
Nomad RV, Futuristic vehicle, Mario Pitsch
Nomad RV, Eco vehicle, Mario Pitsch
Designer: Mario Pitsch

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