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Salsa Table By Bram Boo

Salsa Table,  iPad, Bram Boo
Designer Bram Boo was selected as the designer of the year 2010 by Interieur Biennale. So it is but expected that the designer’s creations will be displayed at the upcoming Interieur Biennale in Kortrijk, Belgium. The creation of Bo which will be displayed is the high-end, high-tech Salsa Table. The all white table designed to seat four is a high-tech creation integrated with four iPad devices. The high-tech salsa table was made by the designer in collaboration with Vanerum a school and office furniture producer. Every user sits facing a different direction while the iPad is placed on the back of their neighbor’s chair. The table design has been created with an aim to create a kind of platform table to use multiple devices.

Salsa Table, Bram Boo
At the upcoming exhibition, the table will feature iPad versions of ‘Design in Limburg – 15 Years of Toegepast’, a bookazine by design platform Limburg.
 iPad, Salsa Table, Bram Boo
Salsa Table,  iPad, Bram Boo
Designer: Bram Boo

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