SKhy Hydrogen Powered Bus By Alain Monteiro

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In a time, when our concerns regarding global warming and environmental pollutions are growing faster, would you like to ride an eco-friendly bus? Now, you may think that how can a bus be eco-friendly when it is considered to be one of the chief component engaged in polluting the environment. Don’t worry, your ride won’t be a preposterous attempt. Here are some reasons why you can depend upon the SKhy Bus.

Skhy Bus, Solar vehicle, Alain Monteiro
SKhy Bus is a unique concept of combining nature and technology. The bus would be able to reduce the pollution level in our environment through its various lineaments. It will get its energy from the solar cells posed on the top of the bus. So it will not relinquish carbon monoxide or other toxic gases. The bus would also process wastewater to produce hydrogen.
Skhy Bus, Hydrogen Powered vehicle, Alain Monteiro
The choice of wastewater would serve a dual purpose.
1. The presence of urea in wastewater would make it 300% more efficient than normal water in hydrogen production.
2. The clean water produced by the hydrogen engine would be recollected for other purposes.
Skhy Bus, Alain Monteiro
Even when taking rest, the bus would spend its energy for producing oxygen.
Another great feature of the bus is that it will have large air intakes to filter CO2 from the atmosphere. The extracted CO2 can be made to work as a cooling system and as fire extinguisher inside the bus itself.
Alain Monteiro, the designer of the SKhy Bus exclaims,
This would help clean municipal wastewaters, release oxygen and capture CO2, just like a plant.
Inspired by the way plants create their own food, the bus would produce its own fuel out of solar energy. At the same time, the outside surface structure would help it to consume less fuel. Its aluminum structure, seats and other components would be easily recyclable. Even the brakes would be capable of converting waste energy.
Skhy, Future vehicle, Solar Bus, Alain Monteiro
The number of seats in the bus can vary from 72 to 128. These numbers would depend upon the needs in different cities. Furthermore, you will find important information about the city on the windows of the bus. The glasses of the windows will sense the heat radiation of the sun and will get darker or lighter as per requirement to keep the interior fresh.
With no driver inside, this futuristic city bus will be controlled via GPS and sensors.
Designer: Alain Monteiro

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