Wristband For Deaf By Konstantin Datz

Wristband, Gadget for Deaf, Konstantin Datz
Designer Konstantin Datz has created the extremely amazing concept Wristband for deaf people. The concept was created by the designer for his qualifying examination for Industrial Design Studies on FHP Postdam. The concept wristband comprises of two modules, the wristband and a micro device. The purpose of this device is to alert the hearing impaired people of danger and to enable them a view of the ambient noise. The micro device records the sound and then interprets it and relates it to the source. The result of the interpretation is displayed on the wristband via plain pictograms. In case of eminent danger like extremely loud noise, the device starts vibrating to alert its wearer.

Wristband for Deaf, Konstantin Datz
This concept would definitely be useful for the hearing impaired and help them interpret their surroundings in a better way.
Wristband, Device for Deaf, Konstantin Datz
Designer: Konstantin Datz
Source:  DesignLaunches.com

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