ZAN – Cup Shaped Mp3 Player By Younghyuk Choi

ZAN, Futuristic Cup, Mp3 Player, Younghyuk Choi
Listening to your favorite music with some pretty great sound quality will be a cup of tea in future, literally. Now we’ve seen some pretty weird and awesome mp3 players in our days. But they usually look like mp3 players, and nothing else. This one’s different though and will need to be kept away from technologically blind folk or someone stupid enough to think it’s really a cup and try drinking from it. Now it’s not exactly an ideal design for a portable mp3 player. Imagine travelling in a subway an pulling out a cup, plugging in headphones and listening, while your fellow travelers stare in astonishment.

The ZAN (meaning “cup” in Korean) is more of a novelty device that you could use at home, and would fit right into your kitchen for your cooking time entertainment. The ZAN’s graphical interface shows up patterns, each for a day in a week, eye-candy in a cup.

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