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Aquarium Washing Machine By Djordje Zivanovic

Aquarium Washing Machine, Djordje Zivanovic
Aquarium is a unique concept washing machine designed by Djordje Zivanovic. The spherical shape of this concept washing machine resembles that of the concept Swirl machine, however the similarity ends right there. The Aquarium concept comprises of two spheres, one inside the other. The sphere inside rotates in one axis in order to the show entrance in order to put clothes into it. The moment the clothes are in the internal sphere rotates in order to close and stars spinning in the perpendicular axis. Leaving the entrance completely open to water deposits, that feed the tub by passing the water thought the filters. This unique mechanism simplifies operation and also allows you to place this machine anywhere. Furthermore, the spherical shape adds a touch of style and design aesthetic to your otherwise dull looking appliance.

Aquarium, future Washing Machine, Djordje Zivanovic
Aquarium, futuristic Washing Machine, Djordje Zivanovic
Aquarium Washing Machine, Djordje Zivanovic
Designer: Djordje Zivanovic

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