ARM Tablet By Sebastien Maleville

ARM Tablet, future laptop, Sebastien Maleville
Industrial designer Sebastien Maleville’s proposed concept laptop design for Lenovo is definitely amazing. The futuristic concept laptop is christened the ARM tablet and boasts of features like a touch screen and a removable keyboard. The laptop flaunts a chrome finish body and is definitely a gadget of the future. Sleek, stylish and extremely useful, this new hi-tech concept laptop promises to be a favorite with gadget freaks. Powered by a polymer battery, the keyboard can be separated from the touch screen by the click of a button.

ARM Tablet, future notebook, Sebastien Maleville
ARM Tablet, future computer, Sebastien Maleville
ARM Tablet, future pc, Sebastien Maleville
ARM Tablet, futuristic laptop, Sebastien Maleville
Designer: Sebastien Maleville

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