DUNO Electric Car By Ben Herron

DUNO, Electric Car, Ben Herron
What if there was an intriguing concept that fused both the forms and advantages of a car and a cycle? It may seem revolutionary to some, while it is quirky for others. However, the truth of the matter is it’s not that far-fetched because vehicle designer Ben Herron has exactly done that with his exclusively unique DUNO concept. The concept, in the designer’s own words, is a part electric car and a part unicycle!

DUNO, Electric Vehicle, Ben Herron
Everything about this petite vehicle has been meticulously planned to the core, starting from the energy efficient and low emission mode of the ride to the flexibly adaptable car features for optimum comfort. Aimed at urban commuters, the distinctive feature that really does stand out is its two detachable unicycles, which actually replace the back wheels.
DUNO, Future Green Car, Ben Herron
The car as a whole will conform to a compact form, which makes it easy to spurt through the congested city streets, and also considerably lessens the delirium of our everyday parking woes. And when the situation gets even worse, you can just separate those electric unicycles, and gingerly scoot your way to work. The designer even envisages a complete system where the vehicles can be recharged with an under-car charging component installed at the parking spaces.
DUNO, Future Eco Car, Ben Herron
The all-electric two-seater will feature a sturdy 80 hp engine, with a range of 100 km. The compactness is rather accentuated upon by the vertical door opening systems. Additionally, the car will also have a reversible interior (where one can switch from right hand drive to left hand drive) and interior indicators in the doors and wheels. At last coming to the other component, i.e. the unicycle, it will incorporate a recharging system powered by pedaling. Moreover, the minimalist form will take up nominal storage space. Therefore, if you want to make an unconventionally appealing ‘green’ statement, this is surely the way to go.
Designer: Ben Herron
Source:  EcoFriend.com
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