Echo Memory Capture 2015 By Tom Peach

Echo Memory Capture 2015, Tom Peach
A camera helps weave everlasting memories; however, sharing them with others always comes with an added effort. But not anymore! A UK-based designer Tom Peach makes the whole procedure easier and crisper with Echo Memory Capture 2015.
The product consists of an easy to carry stick-like device called the ECHO stick. This can be hung around the neck with a string and looks very trendy. The camera bursts out when the top is pressed. Both the sides of this unique camera are embedded with sensitive microphones to capture sound. The lens captures clear images, which will sure go down the memory lane.

Echo Memory Capture 2015, Tom Peach
Whenever a user wants to freeze a moment, what he needs to do is simply hold the camera above the head. Hold it in a particular position for as long as you want. The device has the ability to rotate at an angle of 360 degree, which means a feature that will help savor the complete view later. The base of ECHO has been fitted with LEDs. When the camera stops revolving, these LEDs send an indication.
Storing the captured picture is just a push away. Press the top inside the camera and store the video you have just created. The product is accompanied by an ECHO visor, which is a headset coupled with earphones. This lets the users go through the stored images by simply rotating their head. They will be clearly able to see and hear everything, but in a much more improved way. Sharing captured images with other ECHO users comes sans any trouble.
Designer: Tom Peach

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