Electrolux Ping Pong By Arthur Kenzo

Electrolux Ping Pong, Kitchen Gadget, Arthur Kenzo
Cooking food can be stressing as well. Once the food is on the stove you need to hop in and out of the kitchen, as there is no point in waiting inside the kitchen. This wastes time, which could be utilized in a better way. Keeping such a situation in mind, Arthur Kenzo has designed the Electrolux Ping-Pong concept.

The product is a cooking assistant that completely sans wires. It will ensure that you consume your time in a better way while the food is being cooked. Ping-Pong consists of an antenna, a transmitter, and a receiver for a better experience. The transmitter wedged with a sensor is called Ping. It is fixed on to the utensil that will be used for preparing a meal. After this, go and relax in your room/anywhere in the house while you carry the receiver, named pong, along with you.
Electrolux Ping Pong, Future Device, Arthur Kenzo
The intelligent Ping will keep sending vital information to the Pong receiver. The user will get updates without even buzzing from his/her comfort zone. At times food gets burnt if we fail/forget to keep a check, but not anymore. The useful, yet smart, product has been crafted in an eye-appealing manner and will save precious time. Electrolux Ping-Pong is a semifinalist in the 2011 Electrolux Design Lab. Make cooking time special with this awe-inspiring tool.
Designer: Arthur Kenzo
Source: DesignBuzz.com

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