Eva – Autonomous GPS For Different Types Of Users

Eva, Autonomous GPS, Eco gadget
In today’s rushed times, almost everyone needs to reach destinations, the directions of which are sometimes unknown. Eva, comes as a solution for all these ‘geographical’ needs, and brings along an eco-friendly perspective, with its solar powered operations.

Whether it was reaching the particular client’s office at the other end of town, or the quest to find the way on the jigsaw of a roadmap, Eva comes to the relief of those who have been ‘geographically’ challenged. The ones suffering the most in such common situations are those with special needs or are physically incapable of finding their way out. With its multi-interface input system, this device can take inputs from the 8 different touch points on the screen which vibrate to give out directions, or through voice (with or without headphones) or even simply gives information output through the display itself!
Eva, Autonomous GPS, Eco gadget
The device, with the help of the inbuilt camera, displays the information about routes to desired destination when one points towards the particular direction. Also, the device takes in information about most popularly visited destinations by the user, and can be retrieved later if desired. To make sure the output is authentic; the device uses the platforms such as the internet and the GPS system, displaying exact details and the alternatives routes. To make the functionality more user-friendly, the device comes with built in gaming programmes which are integrated to give out information via the screen, or audio or even simply vibration signals. Also, the unique shape and styling has ensured that the Eva fits well into the palm of your hand which makes it easy to use.
Eva, Autonomous GPS, Eco gadget
What stands out as a surprise factor is that all these operations are carried on by power from the solar panels, fitted with the device! The solar panels take it energy from the sun, and convert it into electrical charge which eventually runs the device. Other eco-friendly aspects include the body of the device, made from softwood pulp, which can molded if desired, and also its screen which is made from e-paper, a low energy consuming material used to make display screens. And what’s more; the quality of display doesn’t get affected when exposed to direct sunlight, unlike other devices where the output on the screen in virtually invisible.
A much needed relief for people like us, who find it difficult to find their way out, or most importantly the ones who are physically incapable of doing so. But the demand for the device would be affected by 2 main factors: availability and price across different countries.
Source: EcoFriend.com

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