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Floater Mobile Phone By Mac Funamizu

Floater, Future Mobile Phone, Mac Funamizu
Find it boring watching your mobile lying flat on the desk? Mobile phone concept “Floater” by Mac Funamizu offers a solution. The curved bottom given to the instrument allows it to tilt up a little bit when kept on a flat surface and left idle for some time. Similarly it makes nodding like movement when receiving a phone call, message or email etc. In second concept the instrument does not move by itself. It has a supporter on its back that slides to act as a stand to the mobile on a flat surface. Slide it the other way and we can use it as a physical keypad. The self moving floater surely sets the imagination running.

Floater, Future Mobile Phone, Mac Funamizu
Floater, Future Phone, Mac Funamizu
Floater, Concept Mobile Phone, Mac Funamizu
Designer: Mac Funamizu

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