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How to Make Your Childhood Bigger

Back in April we showed you a stuntman driving his car through a Hot-Wheels-like loop-de-loop, and last Sunday Top Gear's Tanner Faust kicked off the Indy 500 by setting a world record for car jumping. The nutty thing is, Faust did it off of a ramp designed to look like a gargantuan version of the Hot Wheels tracks of our youth.
Now we can add, to the retro-cravings stack, the trend of taking childhood toys and remaking them huge. Previously this was limited to giant-sized Lego blocks, but now people are taking it to much more involved levels. If Faust's stunt didn't impress you, perhaps Mark Perez's Life Size Mousetrap will.
Yep, Perez took the Rube-Goldbergian board game and turned it into a fairground-sized kinetic sculpture and has been touring it around the Bay Area since 2008. Of course, you want to keep your kids on the other side of the safety fence, particularly when they drop the actual two-ton safe on an actual car.
As you can see at the link above, Perez is seeking Kickstarter funding to continue bring the Mousetrap around the country.

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