LITTY – Futuristic Electro Car By Anton Shabramov

LITTY, Electric Vehicle, Anton Shabramov
This fully electric two-wheel car will manage to solve a lot of problems with the kind of advantages it offers. LITTY comes wedged with a small electric motor that powers the car and is positioned at the back of the chairs. Electricity used for charging the car can be derived from wind farms or solar panels on roof of the car. The cute coupe ranks high on the safety graph. It has laser navigation sensors, which avoids any chances of accident on the road while driving. While moving the car can easily communicate with other vehicles on the road with the help of online satellite navigation, which keeps the driver safe and keeps possibilities of accidents at bay.
LITTY, Green car, Anton Shabramov
The two load-bearing wheels of LITTY fully support the car. The vehicle has been devoid of steering wheels and pedals. They have been replaced by a few buttons and a joystick which literally make it a one hand drive. The eco-friendly coupe will not add any poisonous gases or emissions to the already polluted surroundings. It comes with a pledge to keep the environment clean and green.
LITTY, Electric car, Anton Shabramov
The skin of LITTY has been carved out of carbon fiber that is quite strong and solar panels can be fitted on it. The car is not short on the entertainment slot as it has two speakers which will play music of your choice. It also has a touch screen monitor and washer glass button.
LITTY, Eco Vehicle, Anton Shabramov
LITTY is an environment friendly electro car conceot which can be used both on and off campus. This futuristic vehicle with attractive looks will prove to be blissful in modern times.
LITTY, Futuristic Car, Anton Shabramov
Designer: Anton Shabramov

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