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Mobiado CPT002 Aston Martin Concept Phone

Mobiado CPT002, Aston Martin CellPhone
The Canadian luxury mobile phone maker Mobiado recently announced its collaboration with the Aston Martin. Now, Mobiado has released some details of the CPT002 concept phone, which is a product of Mobiado-Aston Martin collaboration. The Canadian firm announced that the one-of-a-kind device will be launched at the BaselWorld. The device is set to find many takers because it will act not only as a phone, you can also control your Aston Martin using the CPT002 concept phone. The device will help you control the vehicle remotely.

Mobiado CPT002, Future Phone, Aston Martin
The touchscreen of the device is very attractive and its see-through. The battery is on the side which is platinum crafted. SIM card is also on the side and this has been designed so in order to keep the display totally transparent. Aston Martin vehicle owners need not to carry keys for their vehicles anymore as the CPT002 itself functions as a key. The doors of the car will open automatically as the driver approaches towards the vehicle. Not only this, you can also access the display of Aston Martin, while keeping the phone in your pocket.
Aston Martin Concept Phone, CPT002
The phone will attract those who are highly interested in social networking. The GPS capability of the phone also offers varied services like the FourSquare app wheedles helps in locating your Aston Martin. You can also use the phone to find your friend. To conclude, I must say that the collaboration will yield a product which will be super cool and will definitely change the way we use our smartphone.
Mobiado CPT002 Aston Martin Mobile Phone

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