Omnia Cooking System

Omnia Cooking System, Future Kitchen
Portable concepts always manage to fetch unending appreciation. The product in question is a portable cooking surface, christened the Omnia Cooking System. It will bow down to all the user demands in terms of cooking. The system will perform all the important tasks, like grill, boil, fry and steam.

The moveable surface will work with the help of wireless electricity. It can be positioned in parks, living rooms, and work places, to name a few. Omnia makes good use of ceramic heating elements and induction. The convenient system consists of a Pod that keeps the surface away from any damage and also stores it. Whenever you feel like cooking, simply press the button and see the cooking surface unfurl in front of your eyes. It has to be coupled with a docking station if you wish to use it just anywhere.
Omnia Cooking System, Kitchen gadget
The system also features Pod Docks that act as great supports for the Pod and also inject it with necessary power. Two different types of Pod Docks are available, namely the Portable Dock and the Kitchen Dock. As the name itself suggests, the Portable Dock can be placed anywhere as per the user’s whims and fancies. This form features a hot plate and a grille, which are basically used for either warming or light cooking. Simply, place it in the area you like and stop running into the kitchen for small things, like warming coffee or tea.
On the contrary, the Kitchen Dock comes wrapped with qualities to perform heavier functions. It will ingeniously save water by cutting the use of a variety of utensils, which will in turn subtract the washing associated with it. The surface comes fitted with four bays that will allow you to perform all the cooking tasks sans any pans or pots. It also consists of options that will perform tasks like induction, boil, grille, fry, steam, and also act as a hot plate. Other features include temperature indications for cleaning and also for hot and cold surface lighting.
Omnia Cooking System, modern kitchen
The Omnia Cooking System will save precious resources and also unfold a wide range of options. Its impressive façade clubbed with portable qualities makes the concept all the more wanted. It vows to make cooking time fun and comes with a charm to attract people.
Omnia Cooking System, kitchen device

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