Proxim Self-Powered Energy Saver Makes Conservation Easy

Proxim, green gadget
With the cost of energy increasing with every passing day and the masses being tempted to move their focus toward renewable sources of energy, product designers have got a chance to design products that promise to conserve energy in the easiest possible way. The same is the case with Paul Scarfe, who has made good use of the opportunity and has designed an energy saving device he calls Proxim.

Proxim, Eco Device
Unlike other energy savers which themselves rely on the use of batteries or grid electricity, Proxim generates energy for itself using a micro-generator in the form of a small oscillating weight that converts the energy of motion into electricity. The device can integrate seamlessly into a person’s life. Proxim is made to work effortlessly whenever you go by the use of RFID technology, which makes it a mobile, cheap and effective way to control all powered devices without needing repeated attention.
Proxim, energy saving device
Proxim is equipped with a translucent power-off button that not only allows the user to see the mechanics of electricity generation inside the device but also allows him or her to control the energy being consumed by any of their home appliance. The device needs the user to install a separate plug-in module to each of their appliances, which then interacts with the device giving the user the ability to cut power or re-initiate power to a specific device.

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