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Sprint In-wall Radar Imaging System

Military gadget, Sprint In-wall Radar Imaging System
From Cambridge Consultants, the folks who brought you the portable in-wall radar bag, here comes a new device called Sprint to make fights against the unseen more in your favor. And when I say unseen I don’t mean sprits or ghosts, but possible traps, explosives, and weapons that could be hidden in walls. In addition to spotting dangerous items, the Sprint in-wall radar can also be used to look for contraband or even holes or weak sections in walls. What’s more impressive is that the device is not just limited to walls and can also be used on floors and ceilings, if such a need ever arises. What makes Sprint different from other methods of detection is that it doesn’t need to have access to both sides of a wall structure in order to work, and the fact that it uses very little power and is easily portable makes it even better. The Sprint in-wall radar is currently undergoing extensive performance to make the leap from prototype stage into a commercial product.


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