Wake Eat By Florent Beguing

Wake Eat, Future Kitchen gadget, Florent Beguing
Designer Florent Beguing has designed the most perfect gadget to wake one up in the morning. Although a concept, the Wake Eat device consists of an alarm clock with all the ingredients for the perfect breakfast in bed! The device consists of a toaster/ grille pan, as well as a coffee/tea maker. Complete with a spoon for stirring and a tray to store ingredients like sugar, this device is definitely the perfect wake up gadget. Just five minutes before your alarm rings to wake you up, the gadget prepares your breakfast, so you can eat at the first sound of the alarm. If you ask me, the smell of coffee along with the hot toast is what will wake you even before the alarm.

Wake Eat, Future Home gadget, Florent Beguing
Wake Eat, Future Kitchen device, Florent Beguing
Designer: Florent Beguing
Source: DesignLaunches.com

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