Air-Stereo Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Air-Stereo, future music, Portable Bluetooth Speakers
Wireless speakers are the quintessential love of music addicts. But this wireless beauty will appeal to everyone, am sure. Presenting Air-stereo, the portable Bluetooth speakers. Yes, you read it right – it is wireless and operates through Bluetooth. The added advantages which make these invincible are many. The speakers have a self charging unit, which makes it easy to charge and carry. Whats more, you can stack them together when not in use. Speak of ergonomics eh?

Air-Stereo, future music gadget, Portable Bluetooth Speakers
So, how does it work. Well just connect it with your laptop or music player through Bluetooth and you are good to go. The speakers have an inductive charging base. The charging technology uses electromagnetic field to transfer energy from the base to the speakers. Finished in black, these speakers are available in a width and height of 60 mm. The device is compatible iPhone, iPad, Mac, computers, laptop, phones and music players which have Bluetooth support.
Air-Stereo, future music device, Portable Bluetooth Speakers
Air-Stereo, future speakers, Portable Bluetooth Speakers
Air-Stereo, futuristic Speakers

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