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Allergy Sensor
The word sensor is no more new with us now, but the term ‘allergy sensor’ is certainly something interesting for many of us. An allergy sensor is a device that helps allergic people to elude themselves, in their day-to-day life, from things that might be harmful for them. This sensor, based on the technology of a high-frequency quartz crystal microbalance sensor, is able to test the environment or food for antigens.

Allergy Sensor
Allergies, although considered as a very normal disease, increasingly happens due to industrialization of nations. It is surprising to note that allergy is mostly caused by things that are rarely harmful. With the air getting polluted and the lifestyle getting modified to a great extent, allergies have become a common problem among most of us.According to experts’ opinions, one should try to avoid things which cause him/her any kind of allergy, which is actually the role of an allergy sensor.
microbalance sensor
With its in-built capacity to analyze the air, it warns its user to be cautious from harmful particles present in the air.In addition, it also has an alarm system, which becomes active in cases of emergency, which certainly makes it a perfect device for every allergic person, thus reducing the risk of getting allergy-related problems.
Allergy Sensor, health gadget
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