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Solar Stand, Green Gadget, Wei-Chih Hsu
Functionality, practicality and sustainability go hand in hand with the above pictured conception. Conceived by Taiwanese industrial designer Wei-Chih Hsu, and aptly dubbed as the Solar Stand, the contraption is basically a stylishly portable stand (for Smartphones and Tablets) that incorporates two solar panels along with a lithium-ion battery pack. So from the perspective of serviceability the showpiece stand/rack doubly acts up as a fully operational solar powered charger for a plethora of electronic gadgets.

Solar Stand, Eco Gadget, Wei-Chih Hsu
The designer has envisaged of a simple and user friendly system in which devices such as mobile phones, smartphones and tablets can be rested along the supports of the foldable solar paneled ‘flaps’ (as shown in the above picture). Once their positions are fixed, the Solar stand can juice up the device by clean and green solar power. The power (electricity) generated will actually be stored in the lithium-ion battery, and the phone can be charged directly from it via a micro-USB cable. The contraption will in actuality comprise of two solar panels (which can be adjusted to different angles) with different capabilities of power generation. The shorter panel could be used to charge smaller devices such as smartphones, while the longer one could be used for comparatively larger devices such as tablets.
Solar Stand, Green Energy, Wei-Chih Hsu
The charging oriented mechanism of the Solar Stand doesn’t necessarily mean that the designer has forgotten about the conception’s utility as a fully portable phone/tablet stand. The surfaces, edges of the solar panels and even the lower base part of the charger will be embedded with tough rubber sheets with higher frictional quality. This will allow the gadgets to be kept in support more easily, without the fear of them sliding off the surfaces. And when kept in a stable position, such devices can just as smartly be charged anywhere by off-grid, renewable solar power.
Designer: Wei-Chih Hsu


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