Bagger 288 - The World's Largest Vehicle

This is the largest digging machine in the world. The bucket-wheeler excavator -Bagger 288 or Excavator 288 has been built by the German company Krupp. More specially, it is a mobile strip mining machine. It is the biggest tracked vehicle in the world. Its weight is 13,500 tons. It even outdated NASA’s Crawler-Transporter that helped to carry the Space Shuttle and Apollo Saturn V launch vehicle. The excavator is up to 220 m (721 ft) long and approximately 96 m (315 ft) high. It can dig out 240,000 tons of coal per day.

1 comment:

  1. Kowabangga! It is really huge man. This looks like a deadly vehicle at the same time. I won't even get near to this vehicle. May I ask if this machine has been submitted to the Guiness Record?


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