Bio-Grow – A Photobioreactor For The Cultivation Of Algae

Bio-Grow, Green technology, Photobioreactor, Algae
Bio-Grow has been designed to answer our ongoing problems, the rising oil prices and overflowing dumps. These industrial designers are trying to solve the “green” ia photobioreactor for the cultivation of algaessues by utilizing recycled electronic materials. They have come up with a photobioreactor for the cultivation of algae, to be later manufactured into bio-diesel. The team utilizes refurbished electronic waste to construct Bio-Grow, this way, their design can at least lessen the issues of both e-waste and oil consumption. Hopefully in the future, algae-based bio-fuels can completely replace fossil fuels.

Bio-Grow, Green Future, Photobioreactor, Algae
Bio-Grow, Eco technology, Photobioreactor, Algae
Bio-Grow, Green device, Photobioreactor, Algae

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