Detraform Model 500 Phone By Kiwi&Pom

Detraform Model 500 Phone, Kiwi&Pom
Designed by Kiwi&Pom, Detraform phone offers unusual L shaped design. It’s a cordless DECT phone with subtle interface and a selection of classic colors. Sustainable consumption begins with products that last a lifetime. This cordless phone features a robust, polished polycarbonate and anodized aluminium shell. This phone design not only provides you with the principal telephone functions of speaking and listening, it also includes a speaker phone and a simple push-to-talk intercom system.

Future Phone, Kiwi&Pom
Detraform phone, Kiwi&Pom
Future DECT Phone, Kiwi&Pom
Detraform Model 500 Phone, Kiwi&Pom
Designer: Kiwi&Pom

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