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Electrolux Future Refrigerator
We all have a refrigerator at our place and it typically looks like a rectangular box in which food items are stuffed. But if you try and peep in the future, the concept of refrigerators will change drastically. When every other thing is going mobile, why should a fridge stay fixed at a place? Electrolux future refrigerator will change the whole picture, with its energy-efficient and supple design.

Electrolux, Future Kitchen
The fridge will be more like a mobile phone and will be touch sensitive. It will aptly react to human warmth. When someone places his palm on the door, transparency will be turned on because of which all the stuff present inside will become visible without even opening the door. This will save both energy and time, as a person will select the item before the door will be opened. For easy usage, food items will be placed in a single row and not one behind the other. You will be able to select items precisely and the door will move in a horizontal direction. Simply slide the door you want to open and grab food of your choice.
Electrolux Future Refrigerator
Electrolux future refrigerator will be caked with stretch material/smart polymers, which will fluff up according to the shape of the materials. Depending on the need, size of the fridge can be increased or decreased. This feature will bring down the energy usage drastically. Also, these intelligent polymers will make sure that no odor infiltrates through the multiple zones of cooling. Energy is used in a sensible manner, as energy mounts up in those areas that have bumps, making sure that no power is lost in parts where it is not needed.
Electrolux Future Refrigerator
Electrolux future refrigerator scales high on the energy-efficiency level and the stretch polymer takes it a few steps higher on the graph. After a good 100 years when saving energy will be a top priority, due to the shortage of resources, this fridge will be an instant hit with so many futuristic qualities.
Electrolux Future Refrigerator
Electrolux, Futuristic Refrigerator
Electrolux, Innovation Refrigerator
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