Electrolux Totem Modular Cooking System Latest Technologies By Nick Morris

Electrolux, Totem Modular Cooking System, Nick Morris
With rising population all around the world and with land price increasing at a faster rate, people now opt for small houses or even lofts. With houses getting small, its obvious that kitchens too are getting smaller and more compact and so does the cooking range. So here is Totem designed by Nick Morris. The system is a modular food system you could have only thought of in your dreams.

Future Kitchen gadget, Totem Modular Cooking System, Nick Morris
This easy to stack multi-functional cooking range is meant for people who love the space-saving concept. So whether you live in a loft, whether you love to travel or whether you can’t afford to buy a cooking range, this is the perfect solution for you. The solar cell powered equipment makes life easier by aiding you to cook your food and also to chill or freeze it. It even cleans. So what more would you need? And all you have to do is stack it up and build it according to its space requirement. The sun does its job of providing the required UV rays the tool needs so that the cooking system is fully charged.
Electrolux, Future Cooking System, Nick Morris
This efficient cooking range is coated with EnSol, spray-on solar cell technology, thus enabling it to trap and store solar energy. Without necessarily using power, it can be used at any location. With its simple yet unique cooking capabilities, along with touch screen symbol selections, it no longer makes cooking a chore, but a hobby! Just follow the information provided and fry or bake or make your favorite dish anytime and anywhere you wish. Just remember to assemble the units as suggested and be the chef on the move.
Electrolux, modular food system, Nick Morris
Designer: Nick Morris
Source: EcoFriend.com

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