Fujitsu touch screen umpc laptops EcoPad

Fujitsu EcoPad, Future Green Computer
Ever heard of a gadget which gets charged, while working on it, even without plugging in? A group of designers from Korea have made this possible. Yonggu Do, Jun-se Kim and Eun-ha Seo have created a device named the “Ecopad” that features nano piezoelectricity film underneath the display to produces electricity and recharge itself, each time the user presses the touchscreen. touch screen umpc laptops Normally, users press their touchscreen display over 10,000 times a day, which could now be converted into electricity to power the revolutionary device touch screen umpc laptops

Fujitsu EcoPad, Green device
Now, with Ecopad charging your gadget would be no more a hassle. Just turn on the pad and let your fingers do the rest to juice up your device anywhere, anytime. The Ecopad won the Judge’s Special Award in the Designboom competition “A Life with Future Computing,” organized in collaboration with FUJITSU and Design Association, Japan.
Fujitsu EcoPad
Designer: Yonggu Do, Jun-se Kim, Eun-ha Seo

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