Most Amazing fujitsu keyless lifebook touch-based keyboard

Keyless Lifebook, Future Laptop
The Fujitsu Design Awards allow people to let loose with their imaginations and come up with some of the most amazing concepts that none of us would ever have thought of before. The Keyless Lifebook concept by Laura Lahti is one such novelty. It takes the idea of customizable typing and computing to the next level.

Keyless Lifebook
The beauty of this concept lies in its simplicity. It is essentially a touch-based keyboard (with no actual keys), which is completely customizable in whatever way you see fit. So, you can choose exactly which keys you want on your keyboard, and even where you want them placed. You can alter everything from the layout, to the color, to even the orientation! In addition, there are provisions to make using an optical pen easier for drawing, and a full optical mouse trackpad. Did we mention it could also work to type in an array of different languages?
Keyless Lifebook, Fujitsu Design Awards
Future PC, Keyless Lifebook
Keyless Lifebook, Future Computer

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