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Mountaineer Digital Compass, travel gadget, Milad Taleghani
A compass is normally used to calculate right direction by many. However, with technological advancements, this piece of instrument went electronic in the form of magnetometers. Designer Milad Taleghani, who earlier designed the Mountaineer DWC (digital wrist compass) wrist watch, has now come up with a gadget that clubs the features of a magnetometer, a watch and GPS system.

Mountaineer Digital Compass, Future Gaget, Milad Taleghani
The multi-functional gadget can be easily tied around the wrist. The strap has been crafted from rubber and further enveloped with leather, which gives it an elegant look. It will be of utmost help for mountaineers who usually face unavoidable weather conditions like fog. Such a situation may unknowingly make them take a wrong way and they can feel lost. With this device, one can make good use of map and navigation tools while traveling. This is accurate than a traditional compass and will give flawless directions.
Future Digital Compass, Wrist Watch, Milad Taleghani
The watch comes embedded with a receiver, which can be used to feed important information via Bluetooth. This will give proper directions with the help of a pointer that has been shaped like a compass needle. A user can switch off the compass mode when not in use to save battery life. After this, it can be used as a smart time piece that will decorate your wrist. It will be crafted from polyamide or Kevlar that will make it face adverse weather conditions. The pointer of mountaineer DWC comes fitted with an LED, which will make it glow in the dark as well.
Digital Compass, travel device, Milad Taleghani
Designer: Milad Taleghani

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