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Comp, Future Computer, Jeffrey Greger
Some people hate the thought of owning a plain-looking computer. Such a thinking inspires them to come up with quirky designs for computer cases. Such concepts, when brought to reality, make the gadget look all the more attractive. Designer Jeffrey Greger has transformed a dull metallic box into an eye-catching gadget, dubbed as The Comp that has been specially designed for street artists.

Comp, Future Computer, Jeffrey Greger
The looks of this PC are quite bold and will fetch a lot of attention for sure. The artist has been heavily inspired from wildstyle graffiti and conventional towers. Available in low and high volumes, both the editions look almost the same and are crafted in an aesthetic manner. The low volume design consists of fiber filaments that have been weaved in a haphazard way. It also has Rim utherine shell that can be dipped in any color as per a customer’s taste. The chassis of this computer has been crafted from press broken anodized aluminum. On the other hand, the high volume unit comes draped with a stamped aluminum mesh and a dual injection molded ABS shell.
Comp, Future Computer, Jeffrey Greger
The Comp has been fitted with a lid, which can be easily lifted up to access the internal parts. A user can add a touch of their personality by doodling on the vinyl-like exterior coating. Since street artists love to play with colors, this PC case will act as a true reflection of their personality.
Designer: Jeffrey Greger

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